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Why You Should Be Taking A Ginger Shot Daily

The unmistakable zing of ginger is hard to forget. It’s pretty amazing, right? What would sushi night be without it? But are you aware of how powerful a daily dose can be for overall health and wellbeing? That’s because ginger is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that have remarkable benefits for both the body and mind. In fact, this gnarly looking root has been used for centuries and shown to remedy everything from headaches and nausea (natural hangover remedy, anyone?), to muscle cramps and brain fog. Here are ten reasons why you should be consuming this fiery little herb every day:

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants

Ginger is packed with antioxidants, which are molecules that inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. This means they fight free radicals and therefore do kickass things like ward off cancer and promote healthy, glowing skin!

Ginger alleviates headaches

Headaches are fairly common. In fact, it’s one of the most frequently reported ailments. Ginger may be helpful in providing some relief. So, next time, rather than reaching for the medicine cabinet why not opt for a more holistic approach instead?

Ginger calms dizziness

Ginger is a proven way of naturally curing bouts of dizziness. This is because it helps to stimulate the circulatory system and promote blood flow, particularly to the brain. It has even been used to treat extreme cases of vertigo.

Ginger curbs nausea

Similarly, ginger has also been shown to help with nausea and vomiting. Motion sickness? Morning sickness? Too much coffee on an empty stomach? All covered! Its quick absorption and rapid regulation of body functions are to acknowledge and appreciate here.

Ginger soothes tummy troubles

There’s nothing worse than bloating, heartburn or acid reflux after a delicious meal. Ginger is supportive of everything regarding digestive health thanks to an enzyme called zingibain that breaks down protein and assists in passing along food through the system.

Ginger eases menstrual cramps

Due to the high anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, it may also work wonders at relieving period pain and other annoying symptoms that Aunt Flow brings along. One study even showed it to be just as effective as Ibuprofen.

Ginger relieves muscle and joint pain

Ginger has shown to be pretty remarkable for pain relief and is particularly known for reducing soreness induced by exercise or arthritis. Its high anti inflammatory properties are to be acknowledged and credited again here.

Ginger improves brain function

The antioxidants and bioactive compounds in ginger also curb inflammatory responses that occur within the brain. This may help to slow down the aging process and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other  age-related declines. There’s never a bad time to nourish your noggin!

Ginger fights infection

Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, ginger helps to lower the risk of infection by inhibiting the growth of many different types of bacteria. Look no further than nature’s saloon to protect and strengthen from within.

Ginger aids in detoxification

Ginger naturally warms the body and promotes sweating, which although unpleasant, is great for the body! This is because it helps to flush and release unwanted potentially damaging toxins.

Add our organic ginger shots to your daily routine for an easy and delicious way to reap some of these amazing health benefits!

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